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Dear Journal,

I feel so alone...more so then ever. I've cried for hour upon hour, mourning over a lost cause. I'm in love. Hopelessly in love with someone I can never have. He was just...stolen. It's not fair! It's really not!
Daphne...she was my best friend in the world a year ago. I met her when Draco and her first started going out, when it was much more...well, innocent. And...then...she and Draco got much more serious, and it almost seemed as if she was using me. And then she and Draco split. She took it out on me, she really did. Just because I'm a Malfoy. I hate when people judge me on my name...and she did that. When I came to Hogwarts I thought things would be better...I had this...well, mission of sorts. And nothing was to get in the way. It would all work out according to plan and Daphne and I could stay up all night giggling like we used to. But then something horrible happened...
I fell for the worst person possible. Harry Potter. THE Harry Potter. Gryffindor, anti-death eater, seeker Harry Potter. And just as I was getting used to this whole new world...Daphne decides to ruin everything by screwing him. AND NOW FOR SOME REASON, HER DEVIL CHILD HAPPENS TO BE THE DAUGHTER OF MY BEST FRIEND, MY TWIN BROTHER, AND HARRY! I'm just...Desdemona. I don't fit in. Harry and Daphne are going to have this wonderful perfect family. Draco will be off becoming rich and famous.

WHAT IS TO BECOME OF ME? Am I just to be some quite and docile woman who marries some graduate of Durmstrang.

Can't write anymore. Too painful.

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